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Canada launches program to support decarbonization of industrial facilities and manufacturing

Funding for this program originates in investments from Budget 2022, which included $194 million over five years, starting in 2022–23, for NRCan to expand its existing Industrial Energy Management program by offering cost-shared financial support for a holistic and comprehensive suite of energy efficiency measures up to March 2027.

Royal Canadian Mint temporarily lays off 56 workers at its Winnipeg facility

There were 351 people working at the Mint's Winnipeg facility before the layoffs announcement late last week.

Labour shortage challenging RCAF's plan to introduce the F-35

Like the rest of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Air Force is struggling to recruit and retain enough people to fill its ranks.


Superior Service in Stainless Steel Process Equipment

With solutions for dairy, food, processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and much more, SIDMAC Engineering & Manufacturing goes beyond industry standards to create high quality systems. As a quality, custom Stainless-Steel Manufacturer, SIDMAC specializes in industrial process vessel design and fabrication for an extensive range of industry and specialized applications. » Learn more

Magna announces new contract with GM to supply battery enclosures for the 2024 Silverado EV

The company will produce the enclosures at its Magna Electric Vehicle Structures facility in St. Clair, Michigan, where it already produces the battery enclosure for the GMC HUMMER EV. » Read More...

Governments of Canada and Ontario to build battery storage project in Canada

Oneida Energy storage project will support the growth of Ontario's reliable, affordable and clean electricity grid. » Read More...

Open Farm lists carbon footprint on all its products

The carbon footprint launch entitled, 'Know your Footprint,' is the first of its kind in the pet industry. » Read More...

Canadian Apprenticeship Service 

Are you a small or medium-sized business in need of apprentices to help build your future workforce? The Canadian Apprenticeship Service is offering up to $20,000* in help right now. In addition to the financial incentives, you’ll also receive:

  • free access to employer-apprentice matching services;
  • free access to mentorship programs; and
  • free access to diversity and inclusion training.

Apply for your grant today at ApprenticeSearch.com/CAS
*E&OE, some conditions apply. See website for details.

» Learn more


Inmotive’s Suzuki deal sets stage for Canada’s EV manufacturing growth

Inmotive was also asked about why large automotive manufacturers like Toyota or Honda were not making large-scale investments in Canada like they are in Ohio and other U.S. states. » Read More...


Top 3 automation technologies that can improve sheet metal processing

Automation technologies such as fuel cell automation, automated storage and retrieval systems, and flexible mobile robots, can help manufacturers improve their operations. » Read More...


Chocolate chemistry – a food scientist explains how the beloved treat gets its flavor, texture and tricky reputation as an ingredient

Chocolate starts out as a rather dull-tasting bean, packed into a pod that grows on a cacao tree. Developing the characteristic flavor of chocolate requires two key steps: fermentation and roasting. » Read More...


Canada strikes sanguine, wait and see approach on Biden’s latest Buy American gambit

Construction industry advocates, business leaders and suppliers in Canada are taking a cautious, almost sanguine approach to U.S. President Joe Biden’s latest state-of-the-union salvo against the use of foreign building materials in federally funded infrastructure projects. » Read More...

Auto prices to ease but affordability still a challenge with no quick fix: experts

Automakers have made high-profile price cuts for some of the most well-known electric cars this year, but experts say the overall sticker shock of buying vehicles will prove harder to remove. » Read More...