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Four months left until the CEBA repayment deadline

Three federal political parties join small businesses in calling for an extension.

Prime Minister to travel to the Indo-Pacific to strengthen ties

This will be followed by a bilateral visit to Singapore from September 7 to 8, 2023.

BQE Water signs contract with Yukon Government

Under the contract, BQE Water will provide two types of services.

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HSBC is made for trade.

With our custom solutions and expert knowledge, we were made for trade.

See how we helped MetalCraft Marine navigate suppliers around the world.

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Unifor reaches tentative agreement with Metro

Metro stores across the GTA have been on strike since July 29. » Read More...

Cellula Robotics initiates sea trials of its Solus-XR system

The initial sea trials are designed to evaluate surface performance and autonomy, to assess the vehicle's capabilities in the context of real-world maritime conditions. » Read More...

RONA launches the Home Sweet Home campaign

From September 1 to 30, teams from RONA distribution centres, affiliated dealers and Lowe's, RONA+, RONA, and Réno-Dépôt corporate stores will be taking part in the Home Sweet Home campaign. » Read More...
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ERP Plays a Role in Your Success

Live Events
September 11 & 12, Alberta Seminars
Take Back Manufacturing
Hamptons Golf Club, Northern Bear Golf Club

October 4, Ontario Seminar
Future-Ready Your Business and Outperform Your Competition
Royal Ontario Golf Club

Live seminar events held at 3 locations for Manufacturers and Distributors that are interested in ERP Solutions. » Learn more


Bike and EV charging infrastructure are urgently needed for a green transition

Toronto’s mandate is to reach net zero by 2040, but its efforts pale in comparison to the actions of other cities in Canada and around the world. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] AI: Empowering the manufacturing workforce of the future

For manufacturers, the introduction of AI will reshape the source of value creation, the formation of new business models and the delivery of value-added services such as mass customization and predictive maintenance. » Listen Here...


Global biodiversity: Why the proposed changes to Ontario’s Greenbelt matter

Political controversy aside, what has become abundantly clear is that Ford’s Greenbelt plans fly in the face of Canada’s freshly funded commitment to halt biodiversity loss. » Read More...


Unifor Detroit Three autoworkers vote for strike mandate, mirrors U.S. counterpart

Canadian and U.S. autoworkers are both negotiating with the Detroit Three carmakers simultaneously for the first time in 25 years, creating the potential for a co-ordinated strike against one of the major producers. » Read More...

Used cars market faces supply crunch in aftermath of supply chain woes

The used car market is still experiencing a shortage of vehicles even as the automotive sector recovers from supply chain woes that have plagued the industry since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. » Read More...