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StatCan report shows Cdn. inflation rose to 3.3% in July

The Bank of Canada is set to make its next interest rate decision on Sept. 6.

Report shows mfg. sales dropped 1.7% in June

Sales were down in 14 of the 21 subsectors as sales in the petroleum and coal product group helped lead the way with a decline of 8.3 per cent.

Mattr signs agreement to sell part of its pipeline to Tenaris for approximately CAD $220M

The perimeter of the transaction does not include entities of the PPG business in Malaysia, Italy, the United Kingdom and Brazil, which the Company remains committed to exit at the appropriate time.


U.S. hydrogen refueling company awarded a $7.7M contract from the CEC to scale up its mfg.

FEF's manufacturing facility in Santa Ana currently produces critical high tech components and systems for hydrogen refueling stations, including liquid hydrogen cryopump systems. » Read More...

Wendy's unveils new restaurant design with advanced technologies

Both digital-first designs were created to enhance customer, crew and franchisee experiences, accelerating growth across Wendy's® global restaurant footprint. » Read More...

Kavalan enters the LCBO

Truth Malters Ltd. President Lawrence Schoen said demand for Kavalan in Ontario was behind the Taiwanese whisky manufacturer's move. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] AI: Empowering the manufacturing workforce of the future

For manufacturers, the introduction of AI will reshape the source of value creation, the formation of new business models and the delivery of value-added services such as mass customization and predictive maintenance. » Read More...


Tersa Earth technology set to improve EV manufacturing supply chain

The biotech start-up has heavy implications for the Canadian manufacturing industry, where many carmakers have begun buying mining rights in various regions to secure supplies of lithium in the EV race. » Listen Here...


Zoom’s scrapped proposal to mine user data causes concern about our virtual and private Indigenous Knowledge

Even though Zoom pedalled back this time, their drive to gather data highlights the possibility of future hidden data extraction by them and other big tech companies. » Read More...


Minister launches review of B.C. port strike case to uncover ‘structural issues’

In a written statement released Wednesday through social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, O’Regan said officials will immediately begin by reviewing reports on previous, similar disputes. » Read More...

Cargojet reports Q2 profit and revenue down from year ago mark

The air cargo company said Monday its profit amounted to $1.68 per diluted share for the quarter ended June 30, down from $8.20 per diluted share a year earlier. » Read More...