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StatCan says Cdn. economy grew in Q1

The Canadian economy is expected to stall this year and potentially enter a recession as high interest rates weigh on consumers and businesses.

Trudeau visits Council on Foreign Relations to talk up Canada's critical minerals

Trudeau said it's important to build democratic values into decisions about where to source minerals, and it's not just about telling companies not to get them from countries such as China.

Wealthy elite continue to strengthen demand for business jets, according to Bombardier CEO

Bombardier notched slightly more deliveries last quarter than a year earlier, turning a US$302-million profit and boosting revenue by 17 per cent.

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Machines Italia: Engineered With Passion

There's a secret ingredient in machinery bearing the Made in Italy mark that makes it unlike any other: the passion of our people. It's our Italian drive to always remain on the cutting edge of innovation, our ingrained commitment to creativity and quality craftsmanship and our promise to pay as much attention to your needs as we do to each detail of our equipment. If you are looking for machinery handcrafted with the same love you have for your company, put our passion to work for you.
» Get started at machinesitalia.org

EV Technology Group reaches 423 Electric MOKE orders

The MOKE has achieved its 423 orders primarily from ‘direct-to-consumer’ sales. » Read More...

NEXE Innovations Windsor facility has been fully commissioned

NEXE has successfully passed, the minimum 90 per cent disintegration within 12 weeks of composting. » Read More...

Else Nutrition is now available at over 7,000 pharmacy locations in the U.S.

Else Baby Super Cereal is the best-selling baby cereal on Amazon. » Read More...


Manufacturers react to the proposed Ont. and federal budgets

Manufacturers across industries react with optimism to the proposed Ontario and federal government budgets tabled last month, offering tax credits and benefits for cleantech initiatives. » Listen Here...


How to prepare samples with laser micro-machining

The sample preparation process will be faster if you use physical techniques like cutting and sawing to remove material in the centimetre range first. » Read more...


A rise in self-service technologies may cause a decline in our sense of community

As public-facing automation shifts workers away from public view, wages which reflect professional skill and customer service expectations may disappear. » Read More...


Alberta invests $58M in circular economy projects

Producing fertilizer for farmers, recycling asphalt from roof shingles, sequestering carbon in concrete, and novel plastics recycling are some examples of the technology solutions receiving funding through ERA’s Circular Economy Challenge. » Read More...

Honda Canada Foundation donates $200k to Habitat for Humanity Canada

The donation will support Habitat Canada’s effort to provide Black families more opportunities to build equity through homeownership. » Read More...