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Britain will be joining Pacific trade bloc after Canada's help

Ng said Canada was the first member of the bloc to push for Britain to be included, though Japan has been facilitating the U.K.'s accession process.

Economy grew 0.5 per cent in January, according to StatCan

StatCan says real gross domestic product rose 0.5 per cent to start the year after contracting 0.1 per cent in the final month of 2022.

Port of Montreal adding capacity to support Ontario's supply chain and economic growth

The Ontario market, which accounts for about two million containers per year, could increase by 50% by 2035 thanks to manufacturing policies and recent developments in the automotive sector.


Ont. to lift minimum wage to $16.55 an hour on Oct. 1

A worker making the general minimum wage and working 40 hours per week will see an annual pay increase of nearly $2,200. » Read More...

HL Mando awarded '2022 Supplier of the Year' by GM

HL Mando received top marks both in terms of Business Performance and Cultural Priorities in 2022. » Read More...

Shoppers Drug Mart announces cannabis partnership with Avicanna

Shoppers will continue to support patients throughout the transfer of assets and services to Avicanna, which it anticipates will take place over the next three months. » Read More...


Modern Forecasting Technology: Changing the game for manufacturers

Using a cloud-based system, you can collect data from disjointed ERPs, organize it to provide a single source of truth, and put it to work. » Read More...


Why do electronics manufacturers need to optimize quality control?

Companies selling IoT devices in the U.S. must prove they meet specific standards to earn the latest IoT security label, which could help boost sales. » Read More...


First Target, then Nordstrom — why do big retailers keep failing in Canada?

According to Statistics Canada, the proportion of retail e-commerce sales rose to 6.2 per cent in 2022 from 3.9 per cent in 2019. » Read More...


China factory activity grows at slower pace in March

China’s factory activity grew at a slower pace in March but was stronger than expected following the end of anti-virus restrictions, a survey showed Friday. » Read More...

Many electric vehicles to lose big tax credit with new rules

Fewer new electric vehicles will qualify for a full $7,500 federal tax credit later this year, and many will get only half that, under rules proposed Friday by the U.S. Treasury Department. » Read More...