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Minister Champagne says Canada is eager for sustainable aviation investment

Minister Champagne met with several industry leaders, including the CEOs of Airbus and Bell Textron, as well as with senior executives from Safran, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, among others.

Deloitte study shows Canadians doubt brands' sustainability claims

Around 57 per cent of Canadian consumers said they don't believe most "green" or sustainable claims that brands make, it found.

Federal government invests $1.3M in Créations ThermoDoor inc.

Créations ThermoDoor specializes in manufacturing tailored kitchen cabinet components.

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North American Leaders’ Summit 2023: The Importance of Manufacturing in Mexico

The North American Leaders’ Summit in 2023 provided the ideal forum for the three leaders to raise the level of integration in the region and make progress on the most pressing issues affecting the three countries related to trade, investment, security, and climate change, among others. Learn about the importance of Mexico’s manufacturing industry in the economic development of North America, its recent growth, and its importance for foreign companies in this article written by Alejandro Lara Cruz, Director of the American Industries® Group.
» Learn more...

Ont. launches a new fund to build skilled trades training centres

Applications for the new Skills Development Fund (SDF) Capital Stream open on June 30. » Read More...

Five trends in today's multigenerational workforce: Robert Half

A new report from talent solutions and business consulting firm Robert Half, reveals what to know about the top priorities and concerns of today's multigenerational workforce. » Read More...

Hillcrest commences manufacturing of ZVS-enabled power modules

Manufacturing is taking place at the facilities of the Company's strategic partner, Systematec GmbH, in Germany. » Read More...


[SPONSORED] Why data-driven manufacturers have all the answers with centralized ERP analytics

As more and more manufacturers embark on digital transformation initiatives to futureproof their operations, the need to manage vast volumes of data and become data driven is paramount. » Read More...


Trade shows proving to be fertile ground for prospecting York Region

Regional municipalities will need to compete against U.S. states and other industries for top-end talent in the manufacturing sector, and York Region’s Jonathan Wheatle believes Southern Ont. has an edge. » Read More...


As the Bank of Canada prepares for a digital Canadian dollar, democratic concerns loom large

It is essential to raise awareness about the potential misuse of the digital Canadian dollar and carefully assess its impact on Canadian democracy and civil liberties. » Read More...


Government of Canada invests in leading auto-parts manufacturer

With this investment, AMTB will modernize its equipment and technologies to fully transition its Concord facility from producing fuel-powered vehicle components to 100 per cent EV components. » Read More...

Biden will host a forum about artificial intelligence with technology leaders in San Francisco

The Biden administration is seeking to figure out how to regulate the emergent field of AI, looking for ways to nurture its potential for economic growth and national security and protect against its potential dangers. » Read More...