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Feds outline $83B in clean economy tax credits to compete with U.S. Inflation Reduction Act

The government says the funding is necessary to boost clean economy spending from some $15 billion a year to the $100 billion a year needed.

Economists saying the budget is disappointing due to continued federal deficits

Many economists are expressing disappointment in those fiscal projections, noting the government could be in trouble if the economy slows more than it is expected to.

Walmart and Costco in Canada are not making food inflation worse: analysts

Grocery prices were up 10.6 per cent in February compared with a year ago, while overall inflation was 5.2 per cent.


Bitume Québec adopts its first Climate Action Plan in agreement with bitumen and asphalt producers

The association's technical experts have already identified several opportunities to reduce GHGs, such as cold or hot mix recycling, as well as new laying techniques with warm mixes or cold process techniques. » Read More...

Geotab report shows how data intelligence is tackling the climate crisis

The report also includes examples of how organizations in the transportation sector are starting and managing carbon reduction initiatives using data intelligence to inform their decision-making and transition. » Read More...

Nexii says they have achieved TRUE Gold Certified for zero waste

Nexii's Squamish Plant has demonstrated waste reduction by implementing best practices for waste management during the manufacturing process. » Read More...


Why do electronics manufacturers need to optimize quality control?

Companies selling IoT devices in the U.S. must prove they meet specific standards to earn the latest IoT security label, which could help boost sales. » Read More...


Field Notes: ProMat 2023 returns, manufacturers hoping to stand out

The event features exhibits from more than 1,000 global manufacturers and supply chain companies, across 560,000 square feet, which is much larger than any previous in-person iteration. » Read More...


Federal budget 2023: Long-term investments are needed to fix Canada’s infrastructure gap

The budget’s investments include funding advanced research in infrastructure innovation, and continuing to invest in Canada’s Infrastructure Bank and Infrastructure Program. » Read More...


Challenger wins close race to lead United Auto Workers union

A challenger defeated the president of the United Auto Workers in a close election and vowed Saturday to take a more confrontational stance in negotiating with the big automakers. » Read More...

Honda’s journey to retool Alliston plant

Plant spoke with Jeff Hansen, North America, CR-V Engineering Project Leader at Honda of Canada Mfg. about Canada becoming the lead plant for Honda’s CR-V Hybrid. » Read More...