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North American Manufacturers respond to President Biden’s visit to Canada

National Association of Manufacturers and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters call for support in regional integration, supply chain resilience and sustained economic growth, innovation and jobs.

Toronto skills shortage reveals a 22% increase in unfulfilled vacancies: Robert Walters poll

The shortage – driven to a large part by changing demographics, with workers retiring at a faster rate than they can be replaced – has put a strain on employers.

WestJet first airline in Canada to fly Aero Design Lab's drag reduction modification kit

WestJet was the first airline in the world to install and operate with an ADL drag reduction kit on its aircraft.


The Art and Science of Communicating with the Hourly Manufacturing Workforce

Clear, timely, and meaningful communication can impact productivity, safety, teamwork, conflict resolution, and engagement. Conversely, poor communication can be costly — resulting in lower productivity, quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction. In manufacturing, where hourly workers account for 78% of the workforce on average, communication is especially challenging. They may not have a company email address or ready access to a computer at work. This can make it challenging to engage in timely, ongoing communication with employees and foster a sense of community that drives engagement and loyalty. Discover the top barriers to effective communication, and how to overcome them.
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Construction tech startup with manufacturing applications Mercator AI raises $3.75M USD in seed funding

Mercator AI plans to broaden its solutions to business development, operations, and marketing professionals across construction, real-estate, and manufacturing. » Read More...

NOVA Chemicals sets new ESG targets to promote a circular economy in plastics

NOVA Chemicals anticipates investing between USD$2-4 billion by 2030 to expand its sustainable product offerings, decarbonize assets, and build a new mechanical recycling business. » Read More...

Nulogy CEO and VP named 2023 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Nulogy leaders recognized for multi-enterprise collaboration within consumer brand networks. » Read More...


Field Notes: ProMat 2023 returns, manufacturers hoping to stand out

The event features exhibits from more than 1,000 global manufacturers and supply chain companies, across 560,000 square feet, which is much larger than any previous in-person iteration. » Read More...


What are the best ways to reduce food processing waste in manufacturing?

Food manufacturers can communicate with supply chains to see what communities or sectors could use leftovers. » Read More...


How the bottled water industry is masking the global water crisis

In the Global North, bottled water is often perceived to be healthier and tastier than tap water. It is, therefore, more a luxury good than a necessity. Meanwhile, in the Global South, it is the lack or absence of reliable public water supply and water management infrastructure that drives bottled water markets. » Read More...


Ontario to include new 10 per cent income tax credit for manufacturing

Ontario manufacturers would be able to get up to $2 million a year through a new tax credit the government is proposing in its upcoming budget. » Read More...

Government of Canada invests in aerospace industry

Government of Canada has invested over $11 million, through the Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative in southern Ontario’s aerospace sector. » Read More...