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Rotem celebrates 50 years

Rotem Industrial has been serving the manufacturing industry since 1963

Toronto, Ont.—Rotem Industrial Products Inc. has been serving the metalworking, wire and fastener industries since it was founded in 1963 by Roly Temple and Art Larman.

Selling products ranging from cutting tools, metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants, to gauging (design & build and off-the-shelf) as well as wire drawing, payoff, wire forming and wire straightening equipment, has given Rotem a broad view of the manufacturing industry over the years.

“We have had a great run and met some wonderful people,” says Paul Larman, VP of Rotem. “It has been fascinating being able to see the advances in manufacturing over the years.”

Paul—with his father Art—continue to run Rotem as a successful family business, with nine employees working as a team to build the business in order to better serve its customers.

Paul Larman (right) and his father Art.

Rotem has been in Toronto’s west end since the beginning, starting on Bering Ave, then Advance, the Brydon Drive, Meteor Drive then back to Brydon, their current location.

For more information email Paul Larman or call (416) 741-9615; (800) 498-8773 (Canada only).


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