Canadian Manufacturing

2016 Monthly Content Highlights for

January: Shop floor technology update—Strategies, trends and equipment innovation.

February: Automotive
Taking a look at the 2016 North American International Autoshow.

March: Aerospace
New developments, contracts and technology in Canada’s top-rate aerospace sector.

April: Workplace Health & Safety
Focusing on innovative approaches to occupational safety in the Canadian manufacturing sector, and an update on regulatory shifts.

May/June: Natural Resource Sector
Coverage of this sector includes mining, metals, forest products and raw materials.

July/August: Exporting
Exporting is always a focus, but heading into the last half of the year, exporting success becomes a difference maker.

September/ October: Supply Chain
Every company has it’s own value chain. This month we will look at how best to optimize yours.

November: International Trade
November is the month we celebrate the Ontario Export Awards. Be a part of the success story!

December: Manufacturing Trends
Looking back at the stories and trends that shaped 2016, and how the latest technology and ideas will create opportunity in 2017.