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Chain Sprockets
Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.
Sprockets of many varieties are available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. Our sprockets are made using top-grade, heat-treated carbon steel. This provides long...

Broaching Machines
The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
A wide variety of broaching machines are available from The Ohio Broach & Machine Co. We can offer a comprehensive selection of standard machines for v...

Air Cleaners
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Lincoln Electric can provide a wide range of air cleaners for weld fume control applications. Our selection includes portable and mobile units, stationary ...

Showcase Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Capitol Industries Inc. offers a portfolio of industrial locking solutions unlike any other in Canada. We are proud of the unparalleled diversity of this l...

Robotic Welding Equipment
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
Robotic welding equipment is available from Lincoln Electric. We have an automation division that can integrate robotic welding equipment and automation sy...