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					Precision Gauges
Precision Gauges
Chevrier Instruments Inc.
At Chevrier Instruments, we supply a wide variety of measuring gauges, including precision gauges manufactured by Perma-Cal Industries, Inc. and 3D Instrum...

Plastic Shims
Daemar Inc.
Our plastic shims can help you fill in the spaces between components for greater performance and balance. At Daemar Inc., we offer shims that are sure to h...

Sheet Metal Screws
Advance Fasteners Ltd
A wide variety of screws are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Some of the different screw types we offer include machine screws, tapping and drive scr...

Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We can supply drills in wide range of varieties. We have step-drills, indexable insert drills, multi-flute drills and much more. We can offer tools for use...

					removable core
Removable Core Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Industrial locking devices come in all shapes and sizes for different needs, and we manufacture virtually all of them at Capitol Industries Inc. One of the...

Torsion Springs
Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.
We manufacture torsion springs, extension springs, wire, strip forms, and metal stampings. Focusing on teamwork and innovation, we at Bohne Spring Industri...