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Flat Cable Connectors
Harting Canada Inc
Harting Canada Inc is a leading provider of flat cable and cable assemblies. Allow us to take care of your flat cable needs in a wide range of applications...

Hi-Tech Duravent
 Flexible Technologies –– Titeflex has a proven reputation and successful track record of innovation and quality which can be traced to it...

Material Handling
Wecon Systems Ltd.
At Wecon Systems Ltd., we manufacture a comprehensive line of material handling equipment such as belt conveyors, flexible conveyors, pallet conveyors, gra...

					Weatherproof Padlocks
Weatherproof Padlocks
Capitol Industries Inc.
Capitol Industries Inc. is an international leader in industrial locking solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture custom lock...

Tumbling & Burnishing Machines
Vibra Finish Ltd. sells tumbling and burnishing machines that can wear away unnecessary material on any part, leaving your products with a clean, desirable...

Acrylic Adhesives
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation’s wide selection of acrylic adhesives are formulated to offer excellent strength and durability. Acrylic adhesives offer a ...