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Quebec firm set to debut locally-made kit car at Montreal Auto Show

Dubuc Super Light Car Tomahawk to feature aluminum moncoque frame, lightweight polymer body

MONTREAL—A Quebec firm plans to unveil a new lightweight kit car built entirely in that province at the upcoming Montreal International Auto Show.

According to Dubuc Super Light Car, it will unveil the Tomahawk two-seater at the show in Montreal in January, showcasing the extremely lightweight roadster at the first Canadian auto show of the year.

Priced at $19,995, the complete Tomahawk kit includes an aluminum frame, polymer body, 75-degree angle Lamborghini-style doors, door panels, dashboard, console, seats, a DOT-approved windshield, a see-through Targa roof and side mirrors.

Weighing in at only 300 lbs., the Tomahawk’s aluminum moncoque frame comes bonded and bolted and built to accept Chevrolet Corvette C4 (1984-96) suspension components.

The kit doesn’t include any mechanical components, but Quebec City-based Dubuc says the mid-range Tomahawk is built to run on any gas- or electric-powered engine.

All told, a completed Tomahawk will tip the scales at a svelt 2,000 lbs., according to Dubuc, and come in at a total cost of around $30,000 and up with complete powertrain components.

Dubuc says an experienced builder can put a Tomahawk together in about 250 hours.

The firm also said it is in talks with Quebec-based electric motor maker TM4 to test designs and control systems for the Tomahawk, which could result in an electric car entirely designed and built in Quebec.