Canadian Manufacturing

P.E.I. spuds company J & S Visser investing in new packaging equipment

The potato producer will buy a new baler and bagger system with the help of a federal government loan

The new equipment will help the company adapt to consumer needs at both the local and global level

ORWELL COVE, P.E.I.—The federal government has extended a $250,000 loan to a Prince Edward Island spuds company looking to modernize its equipment.

J & S Visser Produce Inc., which sells its potatoes across Canada and the U.S., will use the funding to buy a new baler and bagger system. The new machinery will enable workers to switch quickly between packaging different types of potatoes in a variety of bag sizes.

“The new machinery helps us to meet the growing needs of our customers, in terms of volume and efficiency, and to develop new product for a changing market,” the company’s owner, Stephen Visser, said in a statement.

The funding was made available through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and aims to improve the company’s competitiveness.

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